Friday, July 31, 2009

What's It Like Inside?

So, now you have seen the outside of the Vulcan Tourist Centre as well as the Vulcan Experience Game. Let's take a look inside the building, shall we?

The walls are darkly painted, as I had expected them to be. There are posters promoting the new and old Star Trek, plenty of paraphernalia collected through out the years. I mean everything from a Star Trek cereal box to a tooth brush with William Shatner's face.

As you can see, the walls are covered with collectibles. I'm not sure if any of it is for sale, but the main lobby of the centre sells all sorts of Star Trek themed gifts. My daughter bought herself a Tribble and for the following two days as we drove home every once in a while I'd hear a smack and the Tribble making a giggling sound.
I got a T-shirt with a picture of the reboot Spock. Unfortunately I haven't been able to wear it since the temperatures have been hovering around 38C. That's approximately 100F for my friends south of the border.

The first thing I noticed was the large cardboard cut out figures of all the Star Trek characters. I'm talking every major character from TOS to Voyager. I didn't get photos (there was a couple there who were taking pictures of themselves with every character and I just couldn't get anywhere near it), but there's a corner of a room to the side that has a back drop painting of the Enterprise D Bridge. I swear that the next time I go I'm taking pictures of the Bridge with Spock and Bones. Hopefully by then the new Star Trek actors will have life size cut outs as well.

You can buy coffee mugs, water bottles, mouse pads, and, of course, Vulcan Ears. I skipped the ears because I couldn't find any that had freckles. They sell sew on crests, Starfleet uniforms in all colours, replica communicators. You name it, you can buy it here.

I really liked this black and white of the some of original crew. I think it was a puzzle, but I can't be sure.

My next post will be about Spock, and the unique item I found in a curio cabinet in Vulcan.

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