Monday, July 27, 2009

I really enjoyed visiting Vulcan and honestly wished I had had more time to spend in the town itself. Evidence of the farming community is still everywhere and it melds smoothly with their new foray into a special brand of space tourism. They have taken advantage of a quirky though unintended connection to a cult hit and run with it.
Outside the Vulcan Tourism building sits the above pictured red rock with a commemorative plaque dedicated to Gene Roddenberry. It seemed fitting that it would be located at the centre rather than over by the replica Star Ship since Star Trek was about more than just a ship that sailed through space. It was about daring set aside one's fears and biases, venturing into an unknown to discover new and exciting places and peoples.
I like to imagine that Star Trek was really an allegory of life here on Earth and Gene Roddenberry's statement to "boldly go where no one has gone before" could easily be interpreted to say: "Get out there and explore your planet, meet new people. Learn from they who are different to you and appreciate what they can teach you." It could be why I have loved Star Trek since I was a youngster sitting beside my father watching as Kirk, Spock and McCoy enjoyed their adventures on whichever planet.
Hidden behind the tourism station is this life size shuttle craft. I think it was the original Vulcan Tourism Centre and the success of their venture may have caused them to quickly out grow this small building. Or it could be used in parades? There was really no explanation for it, but it is charming and nicely decorated.

This is the view from the back and I am growing more convinced that it was the original tourist info centre. The little green alien looking out the back is somewhat comical and confusing. I don't recall little green aliens (other than the green lady Kirk makes happy with) in Star Trek.

Next post we'll see more of the amazing inside of the Vulcan Tourism Centre.

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